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Proud Winner of a Pirelli INTERNETional Award !

Welcome to Physics 2000, an interactive journey through modern physics! Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices.

What is it?

Find out more about us, how to use this site, and meet our cast of characters.

Einstein's Legacy

Explore how Einstein's revolution in physics has led to X-rays, microwave ovens, lasers, and many other modern devices. Click here to see applets from this unit.

The Atomic Lab

See how some surprising 20th Century physics experiments show us that not everything is as it seems... Click here to see applets from this unit.

Science Trek

Go where few ever go - into the mind of the theoretical scientist! Learn basic principles of waves, quantum mechanics, polarization, and the periodic table. Click here to see applets from this unit.


Our apologies to those who have e-mailed us with questions over the past several months. Unfortunately, we no longer have staff to answer homework or other physics questions. Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience this has caused.


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