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Welcome to the e-Learning Class Software XE "Welcome to the e-Learning Class Software"

The e-Learning Class software enables you to manage your classroom, communicate with your students, and assist individuals, all without leaving your computer. Using e-Learning Class Software, you'll be able to:

1.         broadcast your desktop and voice to students

2.         let students demo software to you and other students

3.         monitor and take control your students’ desktops

4.         stream many kinds of video files and camera pictures to students

5.         record desktop operations to a file and play them back to students

6.         remotely shut down students' computers

7.         send files to your students

8.         send messages to your students

9.         send remote command to your students

10.     distribute interactive quizzes, and more

What’s New XE "What’s New"

What’s New in e-Learning Class Software 6.0

The following are either new features or existing features that are greatly improved in e-Learning Class Software version 6.0.


Wireless Networking Improvements

The performance and efficiency of e-Learning Class Software 6.0 is greatly improved. It supports both wireless (802.11b/g) and wired networks with different configurations in one application.

Multiple Teachers and Student-to-Teacher Connections

Multiple teachers can connect to the network at the same time. Students can view a teacher list and select one teacher to connect to from their desktops. Students can also disconnect from one connected teacher and connect to another teacher.


Class Model and Lock & Unlock

Teachers can select a Class Model to start a class. A Class Model includes all the students’ identifiers the teacher wants to teach. One teacher can have multiple Class Models if he needs to teach multiple classes at different times.


A teacher can require all students in the Class Model to join his class automatically by locking the Class Model. Students in the locked Class Model will remain locked even upon network failure and reboot.


Broadcast D3D & OpenGL Software to Students

The e-Learning Class Software 6.0 allows teachers to display programs from their desktops to students’ desktops. The programs include DirectDraw, Direct3D, OpenGL, and full screen movies.


Screen Broadcast Quick Launch Bar

While sharing their desktops with students, teachers can start/stop voice, launch electronic pen, start/stop screen recording, adjust picture quality, switch between window and full screen mode, lock/unlock a student’s input keyboard and mouse, and change capture priority.


Stream More Kinds of Media Files on the Network

The e-Learning Class Software 6.0 can now show all kinds media files to students including the following:

1.         Windows Media files: *.ASF.

2.         Windows video files: *.AVI, *.WMV.

3.         VCD files: *.DAT, *.MPG, *. MPEG.

4.         Real files: *.RM, *.RMVB.

5.         Audio files: *.MP3, *.WAV.


Screen Record, Pause, and Continue

Teachers can record their desktop operations onto a file. During the recording, teachers can pause, and then continue the recording.


Student Property

Teachers can acquire a student’s computer name, login name and other common information. Teachers can list a student’s applications, processes, and process ID. They can also terminate a student’s process remotely.

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