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Kho chứa các bài tập về bản đồ Map Worksheet Factory MapWFTrialSetup.exe

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Số lần tải: 3,616
Dung lượng: 6.1MB
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Kho chứa các bài tập về bản đồ Map Worksheet Factory MapWFTrialSetup.exe
Dung lượng: 6.1MB
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Map Worksheet Factory

Kho chứa các bài tập về bản đồ

Improve student world knowledge with outline maps for any area of the world.

Quickly and easily create printable outline maps on your PC to support lessons and advance student skills in geography, history, social studies, and current events. Because students are generally assigned the task of researching and supplying the labels for map locations, features, and historic events, outline maps are generally considered to be a superior learning tool compared to simply providing students with a photo-copy of a completed map.

Zoom to any area of the world

With Map Worksheet Factory you can select any area of the world using the included base maps and then zoom in to capture the precise detail and area that you require. Your maps can range from an outline map of the entire world or the continent of South America to an outline map of Israel or the Seattle, Washington area, and everything in between. You can choose base maps in conic, mercator, azimuthal, or Robinson projections, and even download additional base maps for free.

You have the option to show, or not show, international boundaries, national boundaries, rivers, and lines of latitude and longitude. You can color the rivers blue and the international boundaries pink, or the other way around if you like. Or perhaps you would prefer a dashed or dotted line style for the boundaries. You have full editing control.

Teachers working with Map Worksheet Factory.Add just about anything

And you can add just about anything to your outline map including text, numbers, symbols, lines and two-dimensional shapes. You can draw on your map. You can move objects around. You can cut and paste. In short, with the editing features built in to Map Worksheet Factory you can make a very professional and compelling outline map. A map that students will really enjoy working with.

Some other things you can do with map worksheet factory

  • Print your first outline map within a minute even the first time you use the program.
  • Make your map into a worksheet complete with a customizable header and footer right in the program.
  • See exactly what your map and worksheet will look like as you design it.
  • Automatically print answer keys for easy marking.
  • Export your map to use in your word processor, desktop publisher, or other program.
  • Add interest to your map worksheet with the included riddle and quotation generator.
  • Save your outline maps for use at another time.
  • Download additional base maps for free.


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Evaluate Map Worksheet Factory today and discover how easy it is to enhance your geography, history, and current events lessons. The evaluation edition of Map Worksheet Factory is fully functional but only maps created with the zoomable base world mercator map can be printed without banners or exported. For some teachers that may be sufficient for their needs and thus the program is theirs to continue using without charge.

If, on the other hand, your curriculum requires the more detailed and varied maps included with the program plus the additional downloadable free maps, you can purchase the full unrestricted edition with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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