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Tạo câu hỏi trắc nghiệm dưới dạng trò chơi, bài tập, bài test tâm lý

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Số lần tải: 6,072
Dung lượng: 970.9kB
Số lần xem: 8,240
Tạo câu hỏi trắc nghiệm dưới dạng trò chơi, bài tập, bài test tâm lý
Dung lượng: 970.9kB
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AKFQuiz description

Make your own quiz games, learning exercises or psycho-tests  akfquiz-4.4.1-w32.exe

Make your own quiz games, learning exercises or psycho-tests

AKFQuiz software was designed to help you make your own quiz games, learning exercises or psycho-tests. These can be used with grquiz in a graphical environment, with diaquiz as a simple GUI program or with scrquiz on the text-console. There is also a line oriented variant, linequiz, which can be used as a backend.

A CGI-variant, cgiquiz can be installed on a Web server to offer exercises via Internet or a local network. New: There is also an exam-mode in cgiquiz to use it for serious exams.

Or you can use mkquiz, which generates an HTML file for to use with JavaScript. Those can then be published using any deliberate web-space provider.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· relicensed to GPLv3
· fixed 2 range check error conditions with newer gpc versions
· school.png more pale
· q-school.css, styles.pas: workaround for broken IE browser
· link with pthread (NEEDPTHREAD) on GNU/Linux systems (fixes bug #18862)
· grquiz: new photo at info-screen with SDL it is transparent
· uses SDL_GetError if SDL graphic fails (audio still fails silently)
· soundfiles are no longer compiled into the binaries
· in srcbin/ "quizdir", "htmldir"
· manpages for diaquiz and quizstat
· getquiz is generated by configure now (better for packaging softw.)
· use Conditional Define "Windows" for "win32"
· use NSIS for making packages for windows
· 4.4.0 (4.3.2)
· HTML documentation is postprocessed throught HTML-Tidy
· cgiquiz, mkquiz: never use target _blank, always use _top
· cgiquiz, mkquiz: option to compile for Strict HTML 4.01
· grquiz, scrquiz, cgiquiz: show language in the index
· usage of CVS-Id information
· new keywords "encoding:", "Kodierung:" replace "charset:", "Zeichensatz:"
· cgiquiz: new exam-mode
· cgiquiz: normal mode uses GET method
· cgiquiz: graphics and some stylesheets included (easier setup)
· cgiquiz: graphics are prefetched if the browser supports it
· cgiquiz: there is an icon for every page now
· cgiquiz: allow retrieving/viewing of raw quizfile (but not in exam-mode!)
· removed gtkquizchooser and wquizchooser
· bugfix: Maxpoitnts=0 (surveys) handled correctly
· grquiz: non breaking space not visible anymore
· grquiz: changed window-title
· grquiz: removed my personal address from the title page
· SDL4Freepascal not needed anymore
· grquiz: libSDL usable with gpc (GRX still also supported)
· cgiquiz, mkquiz: change index format to
· cgiquiz: a trailing slash can be ommited (but that's not recommended!)
· all programs support --help and --version in a GNU compatible way
· cgiquiz: from a browser use .../cgiquiz/--help
· cgiquiz searches harder for the ServerName
· cgiquiz/mkquiz: more precise "generator"-name
· bugfix: diaquiz supports --help again
· cgiquiz: methods GET and POST are both supported now optimizations
· CSS: background->background-color

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