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Cách học mới về từ vựng. VocabGuru: A new way to learn vocabs

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Cách học mới về từ vựng. VocabGuru: A new way to learn vocabs
Dung lượng: 778.4kB
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VocabGuru description

This application introduces a new way to learn vocabs

VocabGuru 2006 is an exciting new way to enhance your language proficiency though enriching your vocabulary bank. When learning a new language, there is nothing more painful than having to memorize the spelling, part of speech and the use of every word. VocabGuru makes this process painless, easy and organized.

Using VocabGuru, you can create quizzes with the words you want to hardwire into your brain. After the quiz has been built, you can take the quiz whenever you want.

You can keep track of your progress as VocabGuru keeps a record of what quiz did you take and how well did you perform. You can then focus on your mistakes by retaking only the wrong answers, or stay in the big picture and retake the entire quiz - the choice is completely yours.

Enjoy the new learning method brought to you by VocabGuru!

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