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Tải nhiều phần mềm qua LiberKey - To make your life easier !

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Tải nhiều phần mềm qua LiberKey - To make your life easier !
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Main assets of LiberKey

  • 100% mobility with portable applications

  • A rigorous selection among more than 1800 applications

  • Updates of LiberKey directly by Internet

  • You can temporarily associate files extensions (.avi, .jpg, doc.,…) with LiberKey applications

  • And, it is free, without virus, spyware, adware, popup, etc.


A LiberKey for each user

Liste des logiciels

LiberKey includes 264 portable applications and some compilations :

  • LiberKey Ultimate (165 applications)
  • LiberKey Standard (94 applications)
  • LiberKey Basic (26 applications).

Compatible Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

LiberKey, what is it ?

LiberKey includes a lot of free software. True "swiss army knife", it offers local and/or portable use.

  • Local use (directly installed in a hard disk directory)
    Why install more than 250 applications if they are available in one step via LiberKey ?
    Best Open Source or Freeware have been selected in order to match most practical needs (OpenOffice, FireFox, Filezilla, Gimp, Videolan,...). They have been grouped under categories in order to facilitate  the search and the execution of the desired software.
  • Portable use (installed on USB key, external hard drive, music player such as iPod, ...)
    It is possible because these applications have been made portable. For example, LiberKey installed on your portable device can be plugged in any computer.
    Immediately you have under hand all your familiar tools.
  • How ?  By a simple click on LiberKey icon systray
LiberKey   LiberKey on the desktop   LiberKey in the systray   Updates of LiberKey directly by internet   Temporarily associate files extensions with LiberKey softwares
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LiberKey is virus free !

Do you still get a "false virus" detection ?


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To download LiberKey, you do not need to register (Identification module on top of the page).

However, if you do register, you profit from several advantages of which the update of LiberKey directly by Internet ! Read more...

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