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Related file formats and extensions

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Related file formats and extensions
Dung lượng: 27.1kB

Related file formats and extensions

Ext. Explanation

.avi files are a Microsoft video format. Captivate files can be output to .avi format.



.cp files are Captivate project files which can be edited with the Captivate software.



.swf files are completed, compiled and published files that cannot be edited with Adobe Flash. However, many '.swf decompilers' do exist. Attempting to import .swf files using Flash allows it to retrieve some assets from the .swf, but not all.



.fla files contain source material for the Flash application. Flash authoring software can edit FLA files and compile them into .swf files. Proprietary to Adobe, the FLA format in no sense counts as "open".



.flv files are Flash video files, as created by Adobe Flash, ffmpeg, Sorenson Squeeze, or On2 Flix.



XML file to make Captivate content interoperable and trackable with Questionmark Perception. Basis for QTI.



XML file to store users action when recording scripts during re recording feature.This file can be used to automatically imitate users action in another session of Adobe Captivate recording.



Captivate design template files.



Captivate project template files.



Captivate Aggregator File. Aggregator is a new application that is installed along with Adobe Captivate 4. It can take multiple Captivate modules and publish an aggregated course with a Table of Contents


.crev Captivate Review File. With Adobe Captivate 4, a project can be reviewed in a collaborative way. This file is published when a project is sent out for review. Another review application can open this file and can accept comments which can be seen in the main Captivate window. The Review Application is an Adobe AIR application and can be installed on any machine without requiring Adobe Captivate license.
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