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Demo Builder dạy làm demo tương tác phần mềm

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Demo Builder dạy làm demo tương tác phần mềm

Demo Builder

create interactive Flash demonstrations

Our Rating: 5 stars (Excellent)

Demo Builder is a tool to create interactive Flash movies that allow you to show how applications and systems work with the help of interactive tutorials. It works by taking a series of editable screen captures of a specified application or window, and automatically combines them into an annotated Flash movie clip with moving cursors and popup hints. The animation is ready-to-use almost immediately after capture, however you can further customize the movie by editing, and adding annotations, highlights, visual effects and more. The result can be viewed in virtually any browser, and also distributed as standalone EXE file with built-in viewer, or as a sequence of images. Additional features include full-motion recording, auto-annotation of activities, built-in audio editor, FTP upload and more.

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